Custom Designed Jewellery & Engagement Rings

The Fair Trade Jewellery Company (FTJCo) is known for being the destination for ethical nickel-free gold, platinum, diamonds from Ontario’s Victor mine — the only Canadian Diamonds that are still government certified.  We also carry a large and exclusive selection natural pink diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia.  Add to this the world’s brightest diamond–the Canadian Sirius Star which is cut and polished in Canada by master diamond cutters–and you have an unparalleled selection sought-after diamonds which can can be neatly fit into your budget.

Our focus on style and quality, whilst using  metals and diamonds with provenance, has garnered us some attention.

We are proud to have been voted Toronto’s best jeweller for the several years. In addition to the elegant, classic designs of our engagement rings, we’re also well known for custom jewellery, custom engagement rings and custom wedding bands, using the same ethical metals and diamonds that we use in our house designs.

Even though we have clients all over the globe, our clients for custom rings in Toronto get a unique view of the process that goes into the creation of their ring.

You will get a tour of design and prototyping studio and see the entire process in the creation of your ring from computer based design, to prototyping on our two 3D printers to casting and finishing. We think it’s important to know exactly how your ring is designed and made because jewellery is more than just metal and stones. It’s about stories. The story of your relationship, the story of how you chose the diamonds that went into it and how your ring was made using nickel-free gold or platinum by people that can make your ring and show you how it was made.

Our past projects have been diverse: from Canadian Diamond, Tanzanite, Emerald or sapphire engagement rings in a vintage style with hand engraving to halo rings, tension-sets and men’s engagement rings.

The time to make a ring depends upon your needs.  We typically ask for three weeks from the date you have chosen your design.  However, under certain circumstances, it’ may be possible to get your ring done in a matter of days.

And while the wedding bands shown on our site are classic styles, we also offer custom wedding rings and matching bands for existing engagement rings.

If you have some existing rings you want remodelled or want to use your own diamonds, we are also able to use those in the creation of a new design.

We also offer financing for your special, custom piece as well as all of our jewellery.  Learn more about financing here.

So come see us.

We want to part of your story. Book a no obligation appointment here and see why we have been voted the best jewellery store in Toronto.

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